Hello. Welcome to my website. I'm Steve Thurlow and I have been living with wine and spirits most of my life.

These days I help others enrich their lives by learning about the rewards of drinking wine or better wine; always remembering that, as with all things in life, excess can be dangerous.

Learn more about my activities and how you can join in by exploring this website.


Steve Thurlow
Wine for Life, 33 Harbour Square, Suite 2626, Toronto, ON, M5J2G2

Email: steve@stevethurlow.com

since I travel overseas frequently it is always best to send an email

Deliveries Click here to download

Boxes and parcels can be delivered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Drive through the tunnel at foot of Bay St. at Queens Quay. Follow building on right. You can park outside the main door and deliver to concierge.

Wine samples must be in a sturdy box and marked with my name and Suite 2626. Send an email steve@stevethurlow.com to confirm delivery please.

Visitors Click here for a vistors map.

By Car:Drive through the tunnel at the foot of Bay St. at Queens Quay as you emerge from the tunnel you will see a white box in the middle of road. Announce your arrival to security and they will direct you to visitors parking.

On Foot:Enter the building at the SW corner of Queens Quay and Bay St. Annnounce your arrival to security they will open the door for you. Take the elevator to the 26th Floor.

By TTC:Get off the bus or LRT at the Toronto Island Ferry Terminal stop and proceed as On Foot above.